Saturday, April 4, 2015

Slice of Life #31

The Journey Has Ended

At last, the last slice of life has come!! I am actually pretty bummed that this writing journey has come to an end. I have had a great deal of fun coming up with new writing ideas, as well as this assignment has kept me thinking outside of the box. It's given me new things to think about, it changed my view on things; a nerd view, and my being able to see things at different angles. Before this assignment, I wouldn't have put much thought into the things I see everyday; but now, I could see a lone bougainvillaea growing on dying bush and write about with huge detail, and SO much more!

Slice of life has been a great experience, and I hope i'll get to do it again in another grade level. A bit further back, I wanted to be able to accomplish 100 slices, (I could do it on my own time,) but it is more fun when you know that kids from around the world can read what you have wrote, and put so much work and effort into. The end is just a beginning of a new chapter. For every time you end a story; a new one awaits!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Slice of Life #30

Sun Way Lagoon

Hooray, its the the thirtieth slice of life!! On wednesday I visited the water park Sun Way Lagoon along with with Brock and Darren Curtis, My brother, my dad, and I. First of all; i'm not much of a roller-coaster, fast moving, thrill craving kind of person. We started off in a roller coaster, although I decided not to go of course. So I waited in the hot sun with my dad, guarding this big black duffel bag that held all of our towels, and whatever you need at a water park. Once they got back, we put our bags in a locker that costed 40 RM. Yeah, pretty expensive. Then we decided to go to the wet park. The first water ride we went on was the vuvuzela, (Sun Way Lagoon claims it to be the biggest water slide in the world, but I doubt that.) We climbed metal stairs, one step after another. It was quite a climb, and my heart beat unusually fast as we reached the top. I'm not much with hights, so I couldn't bear to look down. 

Our turn finally occured. It felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest. I climbed into the big floaty ring that seated 6 people maximum. I started to shiver with excitement, as well at the same time, I was ready to climb out and wait for them to come back. I took a gulp and tried to encourage myself. Theres no going back now. The instructor pushed us off. I held my breath and hoped nothing bad would happen. 

The floaty jerked so violently over and over, almost knocking me off multiple times. I held on the handles my life as the floaty jerked away. The top of the slide closed up; the fall was coming. My heart sped up, and I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn't; I didn't want to miss the thrill. The drop came. I only heard the boys screaming as it felt as if I'd been stabbed in the chest. We were falling so fast, and with so much speed; I couldn't breathe very well! We were airborne. Then came the loud, echoing thud. We landed in a huge cone, sliding back and forth. I screamed very loudly, (as it was supposed to be the scariest part.) I thought we were all going to fall out of the floaty because of high we were sliding. Then it eventually slowed, moving down to the next line of jerks and a heavy waterfall of cold water sprinkling on our heads. 

It finally came to an end. I found myself grinning uncontrollably, not regretting one bit. We ended up going on this water-slide FIVE more times. I loved it, and it is my favourite ride by far. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life #29

Things That Scare Me

My personal fears; are very weird. 
I mean, I'm not exactly scared of them, but I don't really like them.

  • Strawberry Yogurt > I know its weird, but you know that strawberry yogurt with the huge chunks of flavourless strawberries in it? Every time I reach a part of the yogurt that has a gross flavourless strawberry chunk in it; it makes me gag. One time I actually thought it was a bug. Its odd because I LOVE strawberries, they are like my second favourite food but I hate strawberry yogurt.
  • Falling Backwards > I'm pretty sure this isn't a weird fear, probably a lot of people have it. Falling forward is completely ok to me, but falling backwards is a completely different story.. When I attempt to do a trust fall even with one of my closest friends, I can't. I just get this really weird drop feeling in my stomach; I hate it!
  • Spicy Things > I can't stand them! Once during lunch at school, I bought this taco not knowing it was going to burn my mouth off. It legit took me like 30 minutes to cool my mouth down; drinking water, trying chocolate, nothing helped. This isn't a fear necessarily but I just don't like spicy things in general.
  • The Dark > Yep, I know a lot of people have a fear of the dark. I mean, in the dark you can literally see nothing and that gives anything evil an opportunity to pop out. At night before bed I always turn on this little night light which is way better than to be left in utter darkness. AHH

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice of Life #28

My Nonsense Jokes

Today, on my way to Mei King Fatt (a Chinese restaurant; pronounced, 'Making fat',) with my friend Emily Coyle, I ended up making up a lot of dumb jokes that didn't really even make sense.

Some of my nonsense jokes:

What did the motorcycle helmet say to the pack of rice? Rice rice very nice, (I know right, no sense at all)
What did the frog say when he was ripping the paper? Ribbit!
What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel
What did the rain droplet say as he was falling? Rain me, I'm falling.. (this makes no sense whatsoever)
How does a train eat? It goes chew chewww!
Knock Knock. Who's there? Justin. Justin wh-? Just in' time to steal yo joke!
So a termite walks into a bar and says, 'Is the bar tender here?' Ya get it??
What's white and can't climb trees? A fridge. (It really depends haha)
What do you call a deer born without eyes? No idear (haha no sense)

Those are basically most of the stupid jokes I told in the car, laughing at them myself, while Emily was laughing AT me not WITH me. Aw. But overall I had a lot of fun telling my nonsense jokes. :-D

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slice of Life #27


I am thankful for everything I have, even though I might not think about the things I take for granted everyday. 

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Shelter; the roof above my head
  • Food
  • Education
  • Clothes
Everything I have now; I'm totally grateful for. It's funny to think of all the people in the world who have none of these things, and I can't even imagine putting myself in their shoes. I'm so used to living the normal life, I NEVER think about this, until I was given the topic.

I know my family
will always care,
I know my friends 
will always be there,
I never think about
life without these
things, how terrible;
a nightmare.
I thank my family for
taking so much responsibility,
for a crazy girl full of
I thank my friends for
caring, helping me
when I'm down;
to turn that frown upside
I'm thankful for everything.

Slice of Life #26

Thunderstorm ⚡️

Dark thick clouds loomed overhead, shedding their tears of depression. Falling hard, dropping without a care just to hit the ground with a small almost faint sound; gone. The tangled grass in the field drooped, heavy from the thin droplets that fell from the careless sky. Trees towered above, with little birds hiding in whatever shelter the tree could offer, in their warm nests, trying to reassure their little birdies. 

Loud booms of thunder struck the sky leaving a trail of neon purple and white, the bolts branching off one another. The wind howled and whistled; it was a powerful wind. Tall trees swayed violently, shaking damp leaves and branches off of their rough bark skin. 

Animals pranced across the open field into the safe shelter of the trees; carresing them in their warmth of branches and wet leaves. Heavy droplets continue to fall, the dark sky moving. Sirens from a far away city sound and echo through the empty field, blending with screeches, coming from the people; it was severe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slice of Life #25

My Cheap Target Shoes

Every single morning, I slip into my comfortable cheap target shoes. Black, soft material, decorated in light floral patterns, dusty green vines growing flowers of red and light pink. Either buds, or fully grown flowers, spreading and invading the surface of my black shoes. They keep my feet warm; they envelope them, not too tight and not too loose. They don't rub my ankles raw, unlike my other turquoise shoes that I constantly treaded on, even though my mom got mad if I did. Evidence from my previous posts, I am the queen and I get to do what I like mother. 

The shoelaces are faded, and overused. Dusted with specks of brown and grey, no longer milky white. Soft, no longer rough from the lack of usage. These shoes feel like clouds on my feet, they add a spring to every step. I get compliments on my shoes; sure, but I don't wear them for that, I wear them because they are extremely comfortable, and they express my crazy personality. I have to admit, I do mistreat my shoes by treading on them and never really tying correct knots, but I love my cheap target shoes, and I am very thankful for them. :-D